Mama J's Helping Hand - A Hand up not a Hand out


Food Pantry Program
Mama J’s Helping Hands offers a food pantry to those in need of groceries and personal products.  Items for the pantry are purchased from the Eastern NC Food Pantry and are donated by local grocery stores and individuals.  Applications are available for those who would like to receive groceries at no charge.  The items regularly available are boxed foods, fresh produce, eggs, meat, cereal and personal hygiene products. Groceries are distributed in four-week intervals. 
Soup Kitchen
The soup kitchen at Mama J's is a place where food is offered to the clients for free on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 10 am-1pm. Mama J, as well as wonderful volunteers provide hot meals for anyone who visits. This is a ministry that is essential to homeless individuals and families that seek a home cooked meal because they lack the facilities to cook their meals.

The Happierr Project
We have started a Hydroponic/Aquaponic room to be able to grow fresh vegetables and herbs all year long to hand out to our clients!

Summer Meals for Kids & Teens
Nutritious Meals For Kids and Teens! In partnership with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, we will offer free breakfast and lunch for students during the summer. 

Emergency/Disaster Relief Program
Mama J’s Helping Hand is a Red Cross and United Way approved disaster relief center. They offer support to help those who find themselves in a crisis situation due to a natural disaster or fire.  Mama J’s will provide food, hygiene products, clothing, household items and shelter resources for those who are recovering from a disaster situation.

Household Rebuilding
Mama J’s Helping Hands provides a variety of items for those who need to rebuild their household.  Items include clothing, furniture, housewares, baby equipment, and basic pantry and refrigerated essentials for a donation.  Basic needs are met on a first come, first served basis.  Requests can be made for certain items and held for 24 hours when the item(s) becomes available through donations.  The availability of household items varies but basic household items can be acquired on a regular basis.     

Community Resource
The organization has a community resource room to help our clients connect with needed services and community resources.

Fighting Childhood Obesity

We are looking to offer more resources to parents and children to aid in the fight for childhood obesity. We would like to offer more resources such as materials to help educate, and to offer resources to teach parents and children of all ages and income levels, exercises for home, school, work and play that would require little to no money at all to implement in their daily lives.

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